The Bike

For this expedition we choose a 2010 Ural Patrol. The solid russian construction and the large carrying capacity make it a perfect vehicle for extended overland travel. With no fuel injection, 2 valves, and 50 horsepower this is one of the simplest vehicle available on the market.  After six months of work and extensive preparation the bike is now ready to hit the road.  Discover more about the bike.

The Route

The journey will take us through 17 countries in Central and South America. Despite having only roughly planned the route and knowing that many stops are mandatory, we are going to let the road carry us as much as possible. Some of the major challenges will be reaching places like the Holmul ruins, crossing the Darien Gap, and going through the Atacama desert. Take a look at our approximate route...

Contribute to the Project

If you know of a secluded beach, an amazing restaurant, a local market, a nice hostel or a great local hang out please put it on the map for us! We created a public map for people to share their knowledge and contribute to our adventure with fantastic places. See our shared map.  If you think that what we do is cool and just want to help us.. buy us a gallon! Take a look at the Gallon Funding page
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