Buy Us a Gallon

Welcome to our Gallon Funding page.

Despite traveling alone it's a pretty expensive activity, we decided to invest resources in this website because we genuinely enjoy sharing with people and because we hope to inspire the next traveler as someone has done with us in the past.

If you like what we do and feel like helping our project we'll give you the opportunity to contribute with various kind of fluids:

$5 - One gallon of gas.
$10 - One gallon of San Pellegrino (to cure homesickness).
$20 - One gallon of cheap central american beer (to cure a day on bumpy roads at 100 degree heat).
$25 - One gallon of premium sunscreen.
$35 - One gallon of traditional motor oil (russian bikes drink oil like russian men drink vodka).
$50 - One gallon of synthetic motor oil (for the non technical audience: it's like Grey Goose vodka for engines).
$75 - One gallon of fine belgium beer.
$100 - One gallon of Chilean wine.
$250 - One gallon of Bacardi Reserva Limitada (that would take care of a bad day at the border).
$500 - One gallon of Moet & Chandon.

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