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The idea is simple: drive from San Francisco to Buenos Aires.
It has been done by so many people that is almost mainstream these days.
So to make it more interesting we picked one of the most interesting and unique vehicle ever made...



A Ural Patrol! 

Imz-Ural is a russian manufacturer of motorcycles with sidecar with a long history. Our first contact with the Ural world happened at the Overland Expo in 2013, where Marc Tetreau of Kalaber Creations offered us a ride. It was love at first "ride" and that was the beginning of a year long search for the perfect bike.

The solid russian construction and the large carrying capacity make it a perfect vehicle for extended overland travel. With no fuel injection, no electronic, 2 valves, and 50 horsepower this is one of the simplest vehicle available on the market. The lack of delicate electronic components makes it easy to repair anywhere in the world. The on-demand 2 wheel drive makes this bike capable of tackling the most difficult terrain. After six months of work and extensive preparation the bike is ready to tackle the roughest roads on the 15'000 miles journey through Central and South America across 17 different countries.

While waiting for our Adventure Expedition's map to take shape with the best roads and spots along the way, check out our Shared Map Project: people from all over the world contributed with their knowledge of secluded beaches, amazing restaurants, local markets, hostels or just great local hang outs. Do you know anything special worth a visit? Add it!

If you are curious to know where we are at today check out our live satellite tracking sponsored by DeLorme.


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