Overland Diary


El Salvador ranks as the smallest country in Central America - squeezing is belt to come in about 2km2 smaller than Belize. With Guatemala to its west and Honduras wrapping around its north and east boarders, its possible to skip past this small Massachusetts sized chunk of land as you head south. However, since Honduras has the worlds highest murder rate, most overland travelers choose to explore El Salvador's coastline in order to avoid as much of Honduras as possible. We too decided to use this tactic. Though our time in El Salvador was short (totaling 3 days), it could be summed in two words: beaches and borders.

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Guatemala started off on day one as an adventure… or rather day two. Unfortunately, day one resulted in us turning back to Mexico since the bank at the El Ceibo border crossing is closed on Mondays and we didn't feel like donating our $400 import deposit to the Mexican government (though we did appreciate all the beauty that Mexico so kindly presented to us). On the second day, $400 richer and with a new stamp in our passport, we celebrated with a 352km, 14:40hr drive through the Guatemalan highlands. Though this marked one of our longest days thus far and the first time driving at night, it was a day filled with colorfully wrapped cultural bits mixed in a muddy stew of off-roading adventure that we had been longing for since we left California.

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