Overland Diary


Preparing for an international move and a 6-month long adventure all while working at a 9 to 5 job can be quite time consuming. The departure date slowly starts to creep up month by month, then the weeks start to merge together and you forget when certain events took place (was that last week... no that was three weeks ago!).

Eventually, you get to the point where your days are planned hour by hour because your to do list exceeds the natural limits of Earths rotation. Exhaustion, panic and irritability sink in when you realize your goals have become impossible. Eventually, on your final day, acceptance takes over. You slowly relax and start to think about the journey in front of you. Unfortunately, you can not experience joy quite yet, because the inevitable goodbyes seep in like the heavy fog on a summer morning in San Francisco.

Living in the Bay Area the past four years has been an incredible journey for both of us. We have visited amazing places, thrown unforgettable parties, dinned on exquisite food and lived in a true "Friends" style community. But these memories we share are only special because of the friends with whom we've experience them. The last few days before our trip have been difficult not because of all the work required but because we are leaving behind the smiling faces, hilarious personalities, caring arms and fun spirits that have shaped who we are today. 


After our belongings were packed up in a  container, our dog's USDA paperwork filed and the final adjustment were made to our Ural, we were able to complete our most important task - cry our eyes out as we said goodbye. And being that there is no such thing as a "simple" task in our group, our friends came together and threw us an over-the-top going away party. It was an exuberant night set in an artist's warehouse accompanied by an all you can eat taco truck, sounds by DJ LaJayJay and a surprise flash mob. The next morning, after a tasty brunch at SoMa StrEat Food Park, the mood changed and reality sunk in as one by one we somberly hugged our friends and tearfully drove away on our only possession left, Patty. 








The goodbyes were not yet complete. As we worked our way down the windy coast on HWY 1, we headed to the last stop with familiar faces. Now, as we spend the last few days in the US at Katie's parents house wrapping up final touches to the website, doing some much needed research on our route and adding some final adjustments to Patty (thanks to the helpful engineers at FMF), we prepare ourselves for the last emotional send off before crossing the border and venturing off on our nomadic journey.



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