Overland Diary


One of the many perks that come with traveling in a motorcycle with a side car is the freedom experienced by the passenger. On long routes, I am able to help Gianmarco put on his gloves, make a sandwich and hand feed him (something he truly enjoys), and even more useful are my abilities to navigate  and read through guidebooks. On one afternoon, as we were headed to Puebla Mexico, I read about the history of Cinco de Mayo. The story seemed to describe our current state of defeat perfectly, because at the time, we had just come out of our own week long battle with Mexico.

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Vacation is not always as relaxing as one may hope for. Sometimes it ends up being more work than pleasure - hence the phrase "I need a vacation from my vacation". Since we crossed the border in Tijuana and left the comforts of our "Tijuana home" (a beautiful house with a stunning view of Tijuana and San Diego and equally stunning hosts with overly generous hospitality), we have traveled over 2000 km in 5 days.

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